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    Welcome to the SYCH Community!

    • Welcome to the Embodiment Series!

    • The Layout with Jenna

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    Bonus Material!

    • Creating Sacred Space

    • Your Sacred Space

    • Hygge: A Danish Lifestyle

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    Episode 201: Blueprints

    • Exploring Your Blueprint

    • Trigger Challenge

    • What is Internal Family Systems?

    • Subconscious Blueprint

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    Episode 202: Beauty

    • Discovering Core Beauty

    • Connecting with Your Core Self

    • Field Guide to Everyday Magic

    • Bella Grace Magazine

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    Episode 203: Dissonance

    • The Striking Together of Our Core and Parts

    • Clearing the Clutter

    • Meditation Challenge

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    Episode 204: Honesty

    • Uncovering Honesty

    • How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping

    • In ALL Honesty...

    • The Tapping Solution FREE App!

    • American Academic of Mind Body Healing

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    Episode 205: Your Inner Child

    • Finding Your Inner Child

    • Unpacking this Episode

    • Activity 1: Meet your Inner Child

    • Activity 2: It's Time to Play!

    • Additional Resources

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    Episode 206: Healing Patterns

    • Initiating Healing Patterns

    • Crumbs of Acceptance

    • Processing Loss

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    Series Closing

    • New Season Coming Soon!



Josh Stanley

I have always been a seeker. Understanding, meaning, and change are the things I have pursued for as long as I can remember. If you are seeking, I can help you find the answers you’re looking for. Be it in the logical, emotional, physical, or metaphysical/spiritual world, I am here to help you navigate the world within to find the answers to your questions. Are you ready for an adventure?


Abbey Parker

I have been called to be a nourisher, I want to feed life into experiences. As I share this calling, I seek to gift energy, presence, and sacred space. I invite you to grow by transmuting pain into beauty; creating within yourself vitality and prosperity.


Jenna Corcoran

In every professional role I have wanted one thing. To go beyond traditional forms of in person support and to be able to meet you where you are, no matter where that is. I do this by designing experiences. I am a designer of experiences. These experiences seek to support exploration, curiosity, and growth. I invite you to explore what you want to be possible, join me in curiosity, and dare to grow.